Auburn Riverside Student Voice



From Issue #16, 2012-13


OCEAN WATERS by Autumn Kolzow

I like the ocean
and its motion
A cool
that reflects
and connects
to the part
of your heart
that never wants to leave.
So just breath
before you jump
over the bump
and into
the blue
that you will miss.
When you go,
just don’t throw
away your emotions
­­that will cause a commotion!
Close your eyes,
but don’t say goodbye, because you’ll be wishing
to go fishing

PAPER by Josie Brooks

I am a piece of paper
where everyone writes down something
and if they don’t like it
they rip me up, shred me down
or throw me away.
they write down their problems
as if I actually care.
but after I’m cut up & bunched up & shoved in your bag
you always make a mistake
and bring me out again

HEART OF GLASS by Alonso Tirado

Her heart was made of glass
So pure and so clean
So innocent you could see right through it
So smooth and uncorrupted
But so easily broken
His heart was made of stone
So hardened and dirtied by the world
So heavy and easy to get hurt by
But upon meeting her
All of the pressure, heat, and passion
Turned his stone heart
Into diamond
And her glass heart
Into crystal

Auburn Riverside Student Voice