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Hearts clash in disagreement: PRO Valentine’s Day

Shayla McGinness, Editor-in-Chief

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Valentine’s Day: a day to celebrate that special someone.

Although in modern times it is now known for its cheesy cards and commercialized meaning, it’s still nonetheless a day to celebrate something positive: love.

This is a time to embrace the relationships at hand and go out of your way to make someone feel extra special and loved. This day isn’t just about being with that “special someone,” it’s also about appreciating love and life in general. Without life there would be no love and without love, no relationships or happiness.

I like Valentine’s Day and the core meaning, ignoring the unfortunate fact it is an exploited revenue maker. I enjoy dedicating a day to the value of love because without it the world would be gray and truly a pit of loneliness. This is speaking from the perspective of being in a relationship for a very long time and celebrating Valentine’s Day every year.

Unlike most people, I don’t have an extreme hate or, ironically, a burning love for this day either. I don’t see why some people think that Valentine’s Day mocks those who are single. This day is about love, not hate. It seems that mocking would be hateful; therefore, the opposite of the whole point of the holiday. There isn’t anything wrong with being single or alone. All of us are alone at one point; that’s how we find true love. This transition period is when we realize who we really are and find someone who we are are truly compatible with.

Love comes in many forms: the love between friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, and of course family. It plays such a huge role in all of our lives, so what’s so wrong about giving a day to rejoice and be thankful for this gift?

I’d also like to point out the fact that this holiday isn’t hurting anyone, so I don’t see why people hate it with such a burning intensity. What’s really comical is the argument (made by people who hate it) that it is meaningless because it is so commercialized and has lost its true meaning, and therefore should be abolished.

Well, my misled friends, I suppose if you think this then you must surely think this about Christmas as well. Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, is celebrated by many. But are they celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ? Or are they just celebrating because it’s tradition and they receive presents? I would even go a step farther to point out that most holidays are revenue makers. Tons of people celebrate Christmas for the wrong reason: presents. That’s what Christmas seems to have morphed into. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween (even though not an official holiday, it’s still celebrated widely) and Thanksgiving. If Valentine’s Day is hated simply because people say it’s only about money, then they are clearly mistaken.

I understand it kind of sucks to be alone on Valentine’s Day, but try being happy for someone else. It’s not ALL about having a valentine. And even though receiving flowers or candy isn’t what makes Valentine’s Day special or important, it still does the heart good.

Go ahead and give a girl flowers on Valentine’s Day. How can you hate it when you see the look on her face? Or even a hand-written note. I get flowers every year and it really does make my day. This isn’t just a holiday for girls either. Go out of your way for that special guy—it makes them feel special too. The best gift though, is just being together with one another, and it’s at a great price too: free.

Even though some refer to this as Singleness Awareness Day, the day remains important, and does not deserve to be mocked. I disagree with this sarcastic take on the holiday. The emphasis on Valentine’s Day should be placed on making someone feel special, not bringing people and their feelings down. On Christmas the emphasis is not placed on those who do not celebrate the joyous holiday, but rather those who are basking in the love. Valentine’s Day should be the same.

I don’t think that it is that ridiculous to expect people to refrain from hating and disrespecting something that is very important to the majority of the population. The things we love deserve a day of appreciation and thought. February fourteenth gives us a day to celebrate.

Remember though, make that someone feel special all the time. That’s what love is all about.



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Hearts clash in disagreement: PRO Valentine’s Day