Change with the times

Ellie Walter, Business Manager

June 12, 2019

Over the course of schooling students will spend approximately 720 days in high school. Over that time, they will experience changes in the school and within themselves.   Senior Peyton Scheschy had some thoughts about high s...

Photo of children decorating a Christmas tree. An example of Christmas traditions, maybe not on Christmas, but before it in and in the holiday season.

Raven Christmas Traditions

December 21, 2018

New foreign exchange student

Ellie Walter-Goodspeed, Bussiness Manger

December 3, 2018

Hanna Andersson is a foreign exchange student here at ARHS this year. She is here from Gothenburg, Sweden which is a port city on the west coast of Sweden. She is staying with a host family in Algona. Andersson will be here all...

Student Life