Athletes who sit on the bench are still important



Pulled up athletes watch the volleyball game from the bench. They’re ready to cheer them on and support their other teammates.

Nick Rhodes-Huwe, Staff Reporter

Players who sit on the bench have had a negative connotation for years. To outsiders who only watch the game, it can be seen as the players aren’t actually that good at playing. In reality, though, that’s not true at all.

Although an outsiders view can potentially negative, from the person’s view of sitting on the bench, there can be a variety of mixed feelings about it. “It was nice to be recognized but at the same time it’s disappointing to not get a chance to play”, soccer player Jasmine Williams expressed when she was pulled up to sit and observe on the bench for playoffs. “It’s sort of like getting your hopes up, but I guess it’s better than not getting pulled up at all. It’s also disappointing when it seems like there should be a change in the game if it isn’t going well and yet you still don’t get your chance”.

Athletes who sit on the bench, also for experience, are also very important and impactful to sports teams. Head coach Marcus Yzaguirre, when asked about this topic, gave his input. “We suit up all JV players for the Varsity game. This year we also suited up 3 freshman (Marcos Rivera, Chris Holt, and Andrew Butler). All three of these kids played and earned varsity letters. It benefited them because it gave them varsity experience and it gave the team depth”, said Yzaguirre. “Marcos and Chris helped our team on special teams. Andrew started at Safety for us. Moving these players up gave us depth on the field”.

Even though a lot of negative connotation can be brought from athletes sitting on the bench and not playing, many are able to push aside that negativity and realize that they are all valuable to teams. Although athletes on the bench aren’t playing, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad players. Overall, athletes who sit on the bench for a variety of reasons deserve more respect from outsiders and shouldn’t have to deal with others’ negativity.