What students are grateful for

This holiday season find something to be happy and grateful for.

This holiday season find something to be happy and grateful for.

Ellie Walter-Goodspeed, Business Manager

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  With the holiday season in full swing it is a time to celebrate the people who you are grateful for. Students were interviewed about who they were most grateful and why.

  Freshman Clara Scott was grateful for family and teachers, “ I’m most grateful for my family mainly because they are always there for me and when I am sad they help bring up my spirits. I’m thankful for all of my teachers in situations where I don’t understand a concept they help me through it”, Scott said. Many teachers are good about making sure their students are feeling supported when they are in time of need.  

   Sophomore Petra Martinez was also grateful for her family, “I’m grateful for the support system I have with my friends and family”, Martinez said, “I’m grateful for Mr. Monson he always tried his best to help me understand AP Human Geography last year”. Friends and family are a extremely important part of the holidays. They can help bring joy and fun into people lives, especially as the days get darker and colder.

Junior Brett Hamilton was very appreciative for Mr. Goethals, “[I’m grateful for]  Mr. Goethals because he is always there to push people to be their best self”, Said Hamilton, “[I’m also grateful for] family because they are always there to support me”. Feeling support around you during the holidays can be the best gift this season.

  Senior Hailey Cruz was grateful for what all seniors are grateful for getting into collage, “My friends and family getting accepted to college”, Cruz said.  Many students are waiting and hoping to get into their favorite colleges.

   This is a time to have fun and enjoy the moment that could be gone. Soon students could be gone and family can get scattered around the country for the holidays. Make sure you take time during the end of the year to think about who and what you are grateful for.