Camden Heilborn Named All-League MVP


Camden Heilborn setting at the Riverside versus Enumclaw game on October 11th. This game decided who would take first in league.

Maddy Taylor, staff reporter

This years NPSL all-league MVP for volleyball was junior Camden Heilborn. In order to achieve this title you must make a good impression on other teams and NPSL coaches, but Heilborn couldn’t accomplish this alone.

“They [the team] supported me with their love and the fun we had together and putting a smile on my face everyday”, Heilborn said.

The volleyball team this year had to overcome many struggles, but the support and teamwork they gave each other helped them jump over the obstacles that got in their way.

When asked on how the team overcame these struggles Heilborn said, “[we] came together as a team and lead with love as a family using the challenges as a drive to succeed and work hard no matter what”.

Making sure coaches on the NPSL board notice you is a large part of being named the all-league MVP. Playing time and being a bigger part of the team helped Heilborn significantly.

“This year I had a bigger role last year i didn’t set as so I was playing more of the time”, said Heilborn when asked what she did differently this year.

Many athletes have so many goals on what they want to achieve throughout their high school seasons, and being named MVP is a big accomplishment for high school athletes because it makes a good impression on colleges.

Heilborn said that this has never really been a goal of hers for high school volleyball and said, “I just went into the season ready to play with my team and have fun”, said Heilborn, keeping it humble, “This was totally unexpected”.