Highschoolers in the workplace



PJ Sills, Managing Editor

Work: when the word comes to mind, so do several others: tiring, exhausting, stressful, etc. Many people hate the idea of using their time during high school to flip hamburgers or deliver pizzas, but as a high-schooler who is also a member of the workforce, there are immense benefits to working while in high school.

Working in high school enables kids to start saving for college early, as well as other things, such as their own car, etc. In fact, for many families, it may be encouraged greatly by the parents to work so that the kids could help pay for their own expenses. Not only can working bring money in, but it can also teach the value of a dollar, how to be smart with money later on in life, budget, etc.

Along with helping to relieve monetary stress, working while receiving an education also enables you to form positive time management habits. An AP student who is involved in extracurricular activities and works 20 hours a week has two choices; they may either find a way to take care of all their responsibilities, or cut something out to help themselves focus. Either one is fine, but ultimately it gives people a greater awareness of their own limits.

Another wonderful thing about working in high school is the level of communication and problem-solving that is improved due to working with other people, as well as oftentimes rude, unreasonable customers. Working fast food and retail are by no means glamorous or easy jobs, and can build character.

So, for students deciding whether they should enter the workforce, or for the people who don’t consider fast food/retail to be real respectable jobs, think again.