Girls Volleyball Goes to State

Auburn Riverside girls varsity volleyball team.

Auburn Riverside girls varsity volleyball team.

Maddy Taylor, Staff Reporter

Auburn Riverside girls volleyball made it to state again this season. Last year our volleyball players also went to state and came back with a win for Riverside, as they have done countless times.

This year the team only lost four out of fourteen games during the regular season and three during post season, allowing them to qualify for state this year. These girls have gone through quite a bit this season, with many people losing their faith in them at the beginning due to a rough preseason, but they’ve showed countless amounts of perseverance this year and will carry that with them through to the state championships.

These girls traveled to Eastern Washington on Thursday, November 15 and played their heart out all weekend, but sadly lost their two games at state, but what matters is the amount of pride they show in their team and their willingness to never give up.

The Riverside volleyball players finished in fourteenth overall with the first game ending 1-4 and the second game 0-3.

These girls left their heart on the court and we are hoping for another chance at state next year.