Gay Straight Alliance Returns



A group of marchers walk at the Pride parade in San Francisco. It’s events like these that the GSA look to attend and promote.

PJ Sills, Managing Editor

For the first time in several years,the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) has been reinstated as a club at Riverside.

“My goal is to educate both those in the LGBTQ community and outside”, sophomore Jaelyn Rosenquist said. “We ultimately want to make our school a better, more accepting place”.

It’s refreshing to see that our school once again has a safe place for members of such a large community, and that this community once again has a voice. The objective for this club is to make everyone feel accepted, to promote love and understanding for everyone, despite their sexualities or gender identities.

A club like this will need support from administrators and the community alike.

“The assistance we’re looking for is primarily contact that we can have with other LGBTQ supporters”, senior Keri Panlasigui said. “Meetings between our club and the GSA of Green River Community College, or possibly other high schools would be very beneficial”.

A way that everybody can assist the GSA is spreading information, encouraging your friends to go, despite their sexual orientation.

“There should be a table up during the Multicultural Fair where people can get more information”, Rosenquist said. “We’re going to work in conjunction with the Green River GSA for that”.

The GSA’s meetings will occur every other Tuesdays after school, and will also be available during AR Time’s schedule A in Sr. Nunez’s classroom, room 725. Stop by, spread love, and put the ‘AR’ in Heart, Ravens.