Sean Moffitt, Riverside’s only male cheerleader



Moffitt stands with a smile on his face, per usual. He and the rest of the cheer squad pumped up the crowd and cheered their hearts out at the Homecoming football game, despite a tough close loss to Todd Beamer High School.

PJ Sills, Managing Editor

InFlight: What is the greatest difference between your overall cheer routine/preparation and that of some of the other cheerleaders?

SM: “There’s nothing really different between the routine and the other cheerleaders. I do basically everything they do”.

InFlight: What inspired you to join cheer?

SM: “The Homecoming assembly of 2017 inspired me. When I performed with the cheer team I thought it was fun, and decided to join”.

InFlight: What would you say to guys who are insecure with the idea of trying out for cheer?

SM: “Don’t be scared to try out. Because of cheer, I’m way more confident than I was last year, and I’ve made a lot of friends in cheer”.

InFlight: What would you say to people who don’t consider cheer a sport?

SM: “For people who don’t think cheer is a sport, it is a sport. Lifting and throwing girls into the air for two hours a day isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do”.