Excessive college emails

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Excessive college emails

Maddy Taylor, Staff Reporter

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Colleges nowadays just love sending students an overwhelming amount of emails trying to reach out to students starting their freshman year, before many haven’t even considered what they want to do as a career.

Everyday inboxes are filled to the brim with colleges across the U.S. asking “Are you getting our emails?” “Are we reaching you?” “Have you gotten our last five emails?”. It’s exhausting having colleges trying to contact you every four seconds. Some have even gone as far as sending mail to people’s houses. Getting letters and posters from all these colleges is really just too much.

While it’s fun at first getting a letter or two from local colleges, getting mail from places you haven’t even heard of is a little strange. I was kind of excited last year getting emails and letters from colleges I would maybe consider going to, I now find myself just throwing unopened letters in the recycle and clearing my inbox every hour. It’s just a bit overwhelming when I try and see if my teacher emailed me back and every college in America is asking if I’ve seen their past seven emails.

Some of the emails actually have semi-useful information hidden within the two page long email. They provide things like tests to find what type of school might be best, or quizzes to find different options for your major. They also give you information on acceptance rates, prices for in-state and out-of-state tuition, and what type of majors and minors they offer.

Some colleges have caught my attention through these emails, but not because of their extreme persistence many of them are using. After sending two or three things in the mail and four or five emails and then stopping, it caught my attention because of the lack of emails and letters in the mail.

Many of these colleges get your information, such as your email and your address, through college Board. College Board sends colleges your personal information after you show interest in different colleges through their website. This process is a little off-putting for me because I don’t really want colleges across the country knowing where I live. College Board is the heart and soul of all these emails and the amount of times I’ve considered deleting my College Board account is immeasurable.

These emails are really just a little overkill at times. We get it you have my email, but please stop with the thousands of emails a day. Sincerely, my frozen gmail screen.