Attendance system has proved faulty


Senior PJ Sills demonstrates the now daily process of attendance. It is clear from his expression how thrilling scanning in is.

Alexus Jacobs, Staff Reporter

     Many changes have occurred this school year, one drastic change being the school’s attendance system. Despite the two months allotted for students to get accustomed, it’s obvious no one has.

     The attendance system was changed due to AR time being implemented this year to make it easier on teachers. The thing is, it’s far from easy for anyone. Some of the newer students have had so many problems with their barcode, that they’ve been sent to the attendance office to receive a new one. There is also the fact that the card/barcode scanner will randomly fail to read the barcode or even that some are flat out broken, such as the one in math teacher, Mr. Huylar’s classroom.

     For most students, there is the option of using their ID card or barcode on Skyward–accessible from the mobile app–but there are a few problems with that. Without the card attached to something that wouldn’t likely get misplaced, students run the risk of it falling out of a pocket or wallet and getting lost. Some don’t own a cell phone capable of downloading the Skyward app in turn, not having it handy on them. Sure, they could take a picture of their ID to have as a backup, but there’s also the possibility of the phone running out of charge, being taken as punishment, etc.

     It’s understandable why the system was set up. In the real-world, attendance in the workplace is the employee’s responsibility, not the employer’s. All the process is doing is preparing students for when they are on their own.  

     Whenever a change in way of doing things, there is bound to be pros and cons. Perhaps within a few months into the school year, this new way of attendance should be no big deal to anyone, anymore.