Artist of the Issue – Kaelyn Morgan


Kaelyn Morgan

Kaelyn Morgan, when not writing songs or saxophone solos, spends her time among nature, inspiring the people around her with her leadership and sense of humor.

PJ Sills, Managing Editor

InFlight: What instruments do you play, and how long have you been playing them?

KM: “I sing, I play mainly tenor saxophone, but can also play alto and soprano sax as well as clarinet. I started with the flute in fifth grade, but then switched to saxophone about halfway through my seventh grade year. I can also play piano and guitar okay.”

InFlight: How long have you been singing?

KM: “I’ve been seriously singing since seventh grade.”

InFlight: Do you write any songs?

KM: “I used to play around with songwriting with my guitar, but I write my solos for a lot of the jazz pieces we do. I have a lot of fun doing that, so I do that quite often. I’ve written maybe about 20, I started in sophomore year when I got into Jazz 1.”

InFlight: Who are some of your greatest music aspirations?

KM: “I love Benny Goodman, he’s a great clarinet player, and Lester Young is a great tenor saxophone player. As far as voice, probably Sia. The person that inspired me most to become a good musician is a professor at the University of Colorado named McMurray who I met at PLU Honor Band.”

InFlight: How was the experience at PLU Honor Band?

KM: “It was one of the greatest experiences of my high school career, Professor McMurray is one of the most brilliant teachers I’ve ever met, and he has inspired me to become a music teacher. We played one of my favorite pieces of all time called American Elegy that I was introduced to at PLU Honor Band for our concert last Tuesday.”

InFlight: How long have you been in band and choir?

KM: “I started band in fifth grade on flute, and I’ve been singing since seventh grade but have unfortunately had to drop it.”

InFlight: How do you prepare for a performance of any kind?

KM: “You practice until you can’t mess up, that’s my big thing. You practice until there’s no possible way of making a mistake.”

InFlight: What has ben one of your most poignant performances?

KM: “There’s a piece that I’ve played every year since sophomore year called Sugar Rum Cherry by Duke Ellington. It’s for the version of The Nutcracker that he wrote. I learn it every single year and try to make it better every year, but I feel like this is my yea to do it if we get to play it again. I played it sophomore and junior year but couldn’t play much of it then but I’ve been getting better.”

InFlight: Do you without a doubt look to pursue a career in music, and if so do you have any colleges in mind?

KM: “Yes, absolutely, I really like PLU because their program is close-knit, But I would also like to go to Central because it’s super competitive, and I just like being the best.”

InFlight: Do you have an age group in mind of the students you’d like to teach?

KM: “I could be a high school teacher, I love the idea of teaching high school students, but my dream is to become a professor. College aged kids, high school kids, it could change, I just love teaching music.”

InFlight: Are there any opportunities you’ve engaged in to help or tutor people in music?

KM: “Yeah, I really love being a section leader, that’s where I get most of my time helping people out, a lot of people come to me with questions about saxophone. But I have been teaching a little bit, it’s mostly audition music that I help people out with, I’ve been really proud of the girl I tutored last because she made it as lead tenor saxophone in Jazz 2. I just really enjoy both private teaching and in-class with groups of people.”