“A Star Is Born” reboot hits theaters

The movie is filled with amazing music.

The movie is filled with amazing music. "Shallow" written by Cooper and Gaga is said to be headed for Oscar Best Original Song

Ellie Walter-Goodspeed, Business Manger

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 A Star Is Born  is an age old tale of Hollywood, with the fourth and latest version which hit theaters on October 5. The movie follows the storyline of a popular musician headed to the bottom, when he meets a young singer who has given up all hope on finding a break.

  Bradley Cooper’s Jackson Maine, whose music style is alt-country with heavy guitar. After a sold out show Maine is getting drunk in a drag club when he meets Lady Gaga’s Ally, who had previously worked in the club but now waitresses somewhere else. Gaga comes out singing a jaw-dropping version of “La Vie en Rose”. The pair wind up in a parking lot at the end of the night when Maine discovers Ally’s true talent for singing and songwriting.

  The pair fall in love as Maine helps Ally with her music and her career takes off. As Ally rises Maine continues to struggle with alcohol. The pair get married and movie to Maine’s house and get a dog.

  Ally continues to become a bigger star as Maine’s stays stagnant. There is a bit of an awkward relationship when in comes to Ally’s manager and Maine. He is not afraid to tell Maine how it is and to tell him to back off.

  As the movie winds down Maine continues to abuse drugs and alcohol, Ally does all she can to keep him on the straight but she is busy with her own career.

  The ending will leave you with a whirlwind of emotions and help you understand true love. The duo do an amazing job in the last half an hour in the movie.  

  Rotten Tomatoes has giving it a 89 percent, certified fresh. The movie has earned 28.5 million dollars which is below the move Venom, which has earned 35 million dollars in box offices. The movie was also rated “R” due to some harsh language, some nude scenes, and substance abuse.