Is The Great ShakeOut Drill Really Necessary?

Nick Rhodes-Huwe, Staff Reporter

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The Great ShakeOut Drill is a national occurrence that happens every year on October 18 at 10:18 p.m. Millions of students worldwide participate in the huge earthquake preparation practice, Washington being the second largest participant in the United States falling behind California. Though, some people only believe this event to be a waste of valuable learning time.

Yesterday during the earthquake drill, the large student body of approximately 1,500 hid under their desks before flooding into the crowded hallways and leaving the building to meet on the football field. Some students were asked to carry mandatory survival items while others took the attendance down to the administrators by the fence. For roughly 30 minutes, we all stood in boredom, some talking to their friends while others were occupied with their phones. Many didn’t take it seriously, though if a real event such as this actually took place, the situation would probably happen a lot differently and more people wouldn’t be as calm as they were yesterday.

With all of this time being used up and AR Time being cancelled which acts like a study hall for many, it created a lot more stress in students who may have advanced classes and a rather heavy workload. Though there were many downsides, this drill was mostly necessary to help prepare everyone in case a real earthquake were to happen. It’s especially important to be prepared since the last local earthquake was in 2001 and we never know when the next one will catch us off guard.