Riverdale Changes Course


Although season two's poster gave off ominous vibes with the 'n' and 'r' of the 'diner' sign in the background burnt out, leaving the message 'die', season three's poster rises the bar.

Alexus Jacobs, Staff Reporter

     Riverdale fans were put into a frenzy for the half year hiatus, but were rewarded on Wednesday, October 10, when season three of the teen drama series premiered.

     The season premiere opened up to Jughead Jones, played by Cole Sprouse, narrating like any normal episode. He summarizes events of the summer, right after the finale of season two, when main character Archie Andrews is framed and arrested for the murder of Cassidy Bullock.

     In episode 14 of season two, Cassidy Bullock was one of the four young men who broke into the Lodge’s vacation cabin (or Lodge Lodge) on Shadow Lake. They demand Veronica to hand over her purse and as she grabs it from the bedroom, she presses a hidden alert button. After the masked ‘Seedy Boys’, as they are referred to in the episode, flee the cabin, Archie follows Cassidy into Shadow Woods, where he met by Hiram Lodge’s hitman, Andre. Andre then aims a gun at Cassidy, telling Archie to leave. It’s as Archie is walking out of the woods does he hear the gunshot that ends Cassidy’s life.

     The premiere of season three hints towards the increasing darkness of Riverdale, both as a town and as a series. Many were disappointed with season two, as the plot was really confusing and the characters didn’t develop very well.

     However, season three shows promise, already giving one of the most popular ships, Choni (or Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz) more screen time than they had last season. One already knows that Riverdale has a tendency to pull some tears with really sentimental scenes where main characters find themselves turning to their friends for support. It’s safe to say that Riverdale, while missing points at times, is a great teen drama.