Venom hits gold with audiences

Celeste Pearisaeff, Staff Reporter

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The 2018 live action Venom movie is a movie that everyone who loves Marvel (or who at least appreciates the live-action Marvel movies) absolutely needs to see. It is hilarious, action-packed and just entertaining all around.

Based off of the comics, and produced by Columbia Pictures with the help and association from Marvel and Tencent Pictures, the live-action Venom movie is about a man named Eddie Brock who works as a journalist to investigate large companies for news and possible corruption.

On one of his cases, Brock interviews CEO Carlton Drake, owner, and founder of the company, Life Foundation. Things go bad though when Brock asks Drake about some very confidential information, leading to Brock getting threatened by Drake, thrown out of the building and then fired by his own boss. After about six months of Brock being jobless and a drunk, an employee and scientist at the Life Foundation finds him and begs him to help her take down Drake and his corrupted investigation of an alien race known as the symbiotes, a race of liquid-like aliens who need a host in order to survive getting poisoned by Earth’s air.

Brock hesitantly takes up the opportunity. He breaks into the Foundation with the employee to gather evidence of everything that was going on. But something happens and Brock accidentally sets free Venom, who attacks him and, with their compatibility being great, possesses his mind and body. Conflict arises as they at first cannot work together, what with Venom being Brock’s alter-ego, but it isn’t long before they join forces to stop Drake and one of Venom’s fellow symbiotes, Riot, before he can retrieve more of their kind to invade and take over Earth.

With a cup of action, a tablespoon of humor and a couple teaspoons of romance, Venom is a very satisfying watch! Eddie Brock is a funny, awkward guy who is easy to relate to for the most part; Venom is that dark, comical side that everyone has and even the villain is someone that’s difficult to dislike. There’s enough backstory to give us an idea of what’s going on, but not too much to bore the audience. The romance even isn’t excessively cliche. Warning for viewers that are squeamish though that there are scenes of broken bones and blood; Venom is a PG-13 movie. Even so,  100 percent recommend Venom as a great movie that will have you on the edge of your seat and totally satisfied! 

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Venom hits gold with audiences