New foreign exchange student

Ellie Walter-Goodspeed, Bussiness Manger

Hanna Andersson is a foreign exchange student here at ARHS this year. She is here from Gothenburg, Sweden which is a port city on the west coast of Sweden. She is staying with a host family in Algona. Andersson will be here all school year trying to improve her English and learn about American cultural.

Andersson has noticed some differences between High School here and in Sweden, “I feel like the Swedish high school is a little bit more free, but you have to take more responsibility. “ said Andersson, “School lunch is “free” because it is paid by the government. You can’t choose individual classes as here in America, so you have to choose a “Program” with classes that are set through your three years of high school.”

She has found that cultural differences are pretty subtle, “This is also very hard to answer because there is so many small and subtle things that is hard to explain”, said Andersson, “One very small thing that I’ve noticed is that here people say things like “how are you doing” or “how’s it going” after they say hello to you, which you don’t in Sweden”.

Being involved in school sports has helped Andersson make friends, “It has been really helpful to me because it allowed me to meet new people before school started, so that I at least knew a few people. School sports is also a thing that we don’t have in Sweden and it was really fun to experience it”, said Andersson. She is participating in cross country.

Andersson does wish to come back and visit America and her friends, “I would love to come back to visit. I want the friends I’ve met here to come to Sweden too though so I can show them how amazing it is and that it is so much more than just IKEA”, said Andersson.