AR Time Stresses Students

ZaReah Barren, Editor-in-Chief

Mrs. Walter-Goodspeed shushes students while they are quietly talking during AR time. The students feel very upset about the fact that they can’t talk and do work.

AR time is a new 30-minute class either before or after lunch for students. It was designed for classes that must have 24 credits to graduate, with the inability to fail any classes in the four years of high school.

AR time has its perks; allowing all students to catch up if they need extra help, not wasting any one class time for school rules or other school-wide activities. Although, AR time has been very stressful for many students throughout the campus.

Students, especially upperclassmen, can feel very rushed and insecure because AR time. It is a new system that will take a while to get used to, especially if you have been doing it a certain way for your whole high school career. The new schedule that came along with the new system also can negatively impact students. First lunchers have to eat earlier than usual. First lunch is 10:45-11:20 a.m. which is 15 minutes earlier than the past schedule for first lunch, which was 11:03-11:35 a.m. Upperclassmen also have to switch their schedules around because now lunches are based on AR Time, not fourth period.

“I feel like [lunch is] still breakfast”, senior Niya Ahshapanek said. “I’ve only been up for four hours [at that point].

There is also a lack of interesting Enrichment options. The only available option to just relax and play games is the in library, which can get stressful because the line is very long, and almost 10 minutes of your AR time is spent checking into the library. There are other interesting options, but most of them are not offered everyday. This stresses students when they might want to go somewhere where studying and quiet talking is an option.

Not only does AR time create anxiety for students, but teachers also. They have had to endure five minutes of class time being taken away from them. Five minutes may not seem like a lot, but for AP teachers and students who are already a month behind the rest of the country, five minutes of lecturing puts them that much closer to finishing their studies before AP tests in May.

Teachers also had to stress about the new curriculum that comes along with the new 30-minute block.  Most teachers still don’t realize that they are supposed to show the Daily Bulletin during AR time. The Daily Bulletin is the replacement for announcements which used to be over the intercom. This shows how much information is really getting out to AR time teachers.

AR time is a good tool to help students succeed, but it feels like there was and still is a lack of planning, which creates stress for students also.