Album Review – Trench by Twenty Øne Pilots

Nick Rhodes-Huwe, Staff Reporter

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After a one year hiatus of complete silence, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun of Twenty Øne Pilots finally came out of hiatus, releasing two new songs, Nico and the Niners and Jumpsuit. With those two songs that were released July 11, an announcement of a tour lineup and an album release date shook the entire Clique, which is the fanbase of the musical duo. Finally, on October 4th and 5th, the Trench album began sweeping fans across the world, starting in New Zealand.

The album, written in Tyler’s studio basement, complete with a 14-song narrative, quickly buried itself into the minds of people young and old. The catchy tunes and the emotional poeticness of the different songs take the listener on a ride of potential tears and upbeat vibes. The entire album leaves a bittersweet taste, leaving the listener eager for more. Although all of the songs featured, four songs in specific stood out most to a lot of people.

The song “Morph” was the first new song on the album that hadn’t already been previously released, setting an upbeat tone while keeping the main Twenty Øne Pilots theme of deep and thought-out lyrics. The song involves a lot of background vocals and of course, drums. Though, the part of the song that took the whole Clique by storm was when the deepened voice said “Josh Dun”, a line that was also hidden in the song “The Judge” from their former album Blurryface.

“Neon Gravestones” shook the listeners with a piano intro, setting a more depressing tone for this song. This song seems to be one of the saddest on this whole album, though this was not the first time the duo created a slow and emotional song like this one. This one delivers a good message at the end, telling people to show respect to their grandparents or anyone of age because of how dedicated they were to making a path for their descendants. This song happens to be the favorite of many, though not the only popular one from the album.

Seemingly the most upbeat song on the album “Legend” was a song that meant a lot to Tyler Joseph. He wrote it for his grandfather who he was rather close to, writing the last lines of the song right after he passed away. The song features lyrics like “you were one of those classic ones”, and “I look forward to having a lunch with you again”, signifying the impact that Tyler’s grandfather had on him and how he wishes he could see him one last time.

Finally, when “Leave the City” began to play, tears were bound to fall. Being the last song on the album, it had to make an impact – far from surprise, it most definitely did. The line “stay alive” rings through the hearts and minds of everyone, remaining one of the large phrases widely spread throughout the Clique. Not only did that phrase appear in “Leave the City”, it also appeared in the song “Truce”. The last note of the song is also the same as the last note of “Truce” which is the last song on the album Vessel. This song seems to be the most impactful, keeping the general poetic, positive, yet emotional vibe.

The songs take the listener on a ride of emotions ranging from positive and upbeat to depressing and poetic. Though, the music remains mostly relatable, reaching out to the audience in a way that no mainstream artist has done before. Overall, this album seemed worth the wait over the course of the one year hiatus and is definitely worth the listen.

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Album Review – Trench by Twenty Øne Pilots