Homecoming Spirit Week!

Celeste Pearisaeff, Staff Reporter

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   This October 19, ARHS is to perform our Homecoming assembly, where ASB invites audience members to participate in small but awesome games, and where it is revealed who is destined to be Hoco royalty! In tradition, to pump up students for the all of this excitement, the five days before the dance (October 20) are designed for Spirit Week! Spirit Week is the week before any major/exciting assembly or upcoming event. This year our ASB class has chosen some awesome and very creative ideas for each day of Hoco week!

Monday: Crazy Socks

  • Wacky, kooky and most definitely crazy! Monday, October 15 is the first day of Homecoming Spirit Week, and is scheduled to be Crazy Socks Day! Students get to start off their week wearing the wackiest socks possible It is advised that students please wear their most fantastic pair of socks possible!

Tuesday: You Don’t Even Go Here

  • Sometimes it’s good to try new things: new foods, new shoes and for Riverside’s second day of Spirit Week, a new school! It has been decided that the Tuesday before Homecoming, students are to wear colors, mascots and clothing representing other schools and/or districts!   

Wednesday: Meme/Vine

  • Hurricane Katrina? More like Hurricane Tortilla! Love awful Vine and Meme references? Well the third day of Homecoming Spirit Week is the day for you! Dress as a huge croissant! Hit flat surfaces like you’re a car salesman! Maybe even throw some empty cans (hopefully into the trash) and yell ‘Yeet!’

Thursday: Teacher/Student Swap

  • It’s common knowledge (obviously!) that teachers and students have always been in feud fueled by jealousy of each other’s modern and classic styles! The fourth day of spirit week is the day for all conflicts to come to an end! Our ASB decided that Thursday, October 18, is the day that our trustworthy teaching staff gets to dress as the youthful, stylish students, while said students have the opportunity to style themselves as the just-as-fashionable teachers here at Auburn Riverside.

Friday: Color Wars

  • Riverside colors: Teal, black, grey and white, each shade more powerful than the last. The Friday of every Homecoming Spirit Week is chosen for Color Wars, the day that creates the most competition with each grade, but probably the most unity with every