Album Review – Dear. by Cavetown

Nick Rhodes-Huwe, Staff Reporter

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   Robin Skinner, more commonly known as Cavetown on YouTube and Bandcamp, is a 19-year-old boy from England who enjoys making music. His songs are rather calming and something you can mostly slow jam to. His aesthetic is calming, involving strange topics that people wouldn’t even think about. Up until his album Lemon Boy released, he was a rather obscure artist.

     On June 29, 2018, Skinner released the album Dear. which included only four songs. The songs are all in the four minute range, giving time for a lot of instrumental measures in-between lyrics. The songs are slow, similar to a lot of his older music.

     The song “Just Add Water” features a nice guitar piece before the subtle beat comes in, giving the listener a feeling as if they’re dreaming about being in a warmer mentality. The meaning of the lyrics can differ from person to person depending on their current state of mind and mental health. The song also keeps the listener in-tune with the fact that they’re definitely not alone in their suffering.

     The next song, “Banana Bread”, is a re-recorded version of when he originally wrote it for his self-titled album, Cavetown, back in November of 2015. The song can be perceived as a love song that Skinner could’ve written about a girl that he fancied, or quite possibly about his anxiety and thoughts regarding her. The bees mentioned in the song could represent a variety of different things, but for a lot of people, they could represent anxiety sprouting inside as thoughts blossom bigger and bigger.

     The third song “Dear” is a very strong song which talks about self-hatred and doubt, telling about how everyone has at least a little bit of it, wishing that they could be more or maybe even dead, though they don’t want to die. The song is able to touch on what most people feel deep inside. For many, those emotions and thoughts are magnified, making it near impossible to deal with them.

     Though, the final song “Talk to Me” finishes off by telling the listener that it’s alright to talk through problems and that they’re valid, that there will always be someone who cares enough to listen. While this album is short, it’s a very emotional journey from start to finish. It’s definitely worth the listen, especially if you’re filled with anxiety and need something to help calm you down.

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Album Review – Dear. by Cavetown