Senior year in 6 words

Senior year in 6 words

Ellie Walter, Business Manager

 Senior year is a whirlwind of emotion from being happy high school is over, nervous to start a new journey, excited to leave, sad to leave friends, sad to leave family, excited to make new friends and so on. InFlight asked seniors to describe their senior year in 6 words, here’s what we got.


“ I’m pissed we can’t do pranks”          


“I’m pissed we can’t decorate caps”     


“I am surprised I came today”


“Crazy beautiful trying, but worth it”


“I will miss everyone I met”


“If you saw me I’m surprised”


“Worth way more than 6 words”


“Fast, overwhelming, fun, growth, memories, and amazing”


“ Stressful, tiring, ambitious, crazy exciting, fun”


“The best year of high-school you’ll experience”


“A stupid, wonderful, boring, amazing ride”


“10/10 would not do it again”


“It was a love/hate relationship”


“I can’t wait for what’s next”


“Is it over yet”                                                                                 “We will remember this forever”