Juniors reflect on becoming next year’s seniors


There’s a whole other school year ahead of the class of 2020, yet time seems to be flying by.

Alexus Jacobs, Staff Reporter

The final week of school leaves only the junior class and the underclassmen to roam the halls of Riverside, to get a taste of being just a little higher on the class totem pole.

Class of 2020 will be next year’s seniors, a fact that is unbelievable to some.

It doesn’t feel like I’m ready to leave junior year and enter my final year as a high school student,” junior Andrea Sundara admits. “It feels as if I shouldn’t blink because if I do, I might be in senior year, already graduating, or in my room studying for college.”

Although the year has unfortunately come to an end already, there are plenty of good memories to look back on.

My favorite memory of junior year was the time I made it past subs to districts for cross country. I may have been injured at the time but I felt really proud that I could have achieved that,” Joel Espino said.

Espino looks forward to continuing to do well in track and cross country and making his last year at Riverside count.

Sundara is excited to take the future freshmen under her ‘wing’ as a Raven Crew leader.

As next year’s seniors, we will be setting an example for everyone else. A lot of weight will be on our shoulders, but I will most definitely have as much fun as I can possibly have during senior year,” Sundara realizes. “The pressure of being a senior is drastically different than from when you’re a junior. Everyone expects you to have your life in order, and if you don’t then you’re stereotypically going to be a bum on your mom’s couch who hasn’t gotten their life together.”

While the responsibility of becoming a senior seems daunting, it’s certain that the majority of this year’s juniors will be a great example of what a true Raven looks like.

Sundara’s words of wisdom really sums up what most of the students here at Riverside are thinking.

“Time flies really fast, it’s almost scary and I want to slow down, yet I’m excited for what the future has for me.”