My senior reflection


My four high school years have tested my patience, but also made me realize that I can’t take what I have in life for granted.

ZaReah Barren, Editor-in-Chief

Senior year has been a crazy, emotional, defining year for me. I got to experience so many new things, and for the first time in my life, I felt like I was truly free to live up to my full potential.

This year was my final year on dance team, and it was extremely emotional. I helped start the team three years ago, my sophomore year, and to be able to see the numbers and skill level grow and blossom has been a blessing. I got to meet so many amazing people, but they aren’t friends, they are my forever family. I would trust them with anything, even my deepest secrets. I’m going to miss laughing with them, and most of all, performing.

Our final performance together was at the school’s final assembly in May. We got to bond one last time, and I felt so comfortable and happy on the floor with my favorite girls. There will always be a special place in my heart for them. I’m so glad I was brave enough to put myself out there and try something completely new, and allow the whole world to see it. It was an experience that can’t be matched, and dance has taught me so many lifelong skills.

So many crazy changes have happened over my four years. My friend group has completely shifted and was thrown on its side. I reconnected with my best friend since elementary school and I’m proud to call her my best friend again. There was space between another friend of mine, but we reconnected as well and I still consider her a best friend of mine. I know the people I call my friends now are who I need in my life, and we’re all going to keep in touch for a very long time. 

Everything that happened this year has shaped me into the person I am today, the person who is ready to take on the world, away from everything I have ever known and loved. Auburn Riverside has taught me kindness, patience, leadership, and respect. Even though I have had senioritis since sophomore year, I’m still glad I lived in the moment and got to experience so much. Time went by so incredibly fast, but I wouldn’t change a single moment of it.