Disney comparison of senior year for class of 2019


Annjanettea Doyle, Staff reporter

Disney movies embody happiness in a person and can inspire someone. So some seniors were asked to describe their senior year in the best possible way or the worst possible ways within a Disney movie.

Kayleigh or known as Kay Enlow related to The Little Mermaid the most because she is always changing for a man and what they want.

Alexis or known as Alex Praudins related to The Princess and the Frog the most because people are always flaking and never doing what they say they will.

Myriah Dittmar related to the most was The Lion King because it was pretty bad halfway through as Simba was growing up. Then it started getting better as time went on just like high school got better at the end.

PJ Sills related to Monster inc. His senior year is like this movie because he started off with one view and then he opened a door and he gained a new perspective as the year went on. He made new friends and changed his mindset and got a new understanding and he was scared at the beginning of his senior year at one point and now he isn’t so scared and can begin with his future.