A summary of the seniors last week of high school

Maddy Taylor, Staff Reporter

The seniors last week of school was a roller coaster or emotions and school spirit. The first event the seniors hosted was an attempt to cover the entire school with tin foil. Sadly the administration crashed that party and took it all down before school started so nobody will ever see Riverside covered in foil except for the 2019 senior class.

“The first event we planned was a failed attempt to tin foil the school,” said senior Connor Pennycook.

The seniors last week also kicked off their spirit week with represent your college day. The seniors showed up in their college gear and showed off their future school spirit.

Next came toga Tuesday and “on Wednesday we wear pink” day. The school was flooded with the seniors wearing robes and sheets as togas and then they came decked out in their pink on Wednesday.

Thursday was beach party day and along with it came plenty of Hawaiian shirts and flip flops. The seniors are all trying to participate in their final high school spirit week.

Thursday was also the day where the seniors started to set up for their actual senior prank for Friday. Before the underclassmen get to school on Friday, the seniors will be having their final school event, the senior tailgate. They will all be getting to school early and hanging out together again as a whole class before their last day at high school.

While their last day may come with plenty of emotions, their last spirit week will be one for the books.