Senior scholarships

Senior scholarships

Annjanettea Doyle, Staff reporter

Scholarships usually are given to a student to help pay for school in a specialty area to help pay college expenses and further their education. These scholarships can be considered gifts because of the factor that they don’t ever need to be paid back to where ever you got them from (HowStuffWorks). They can come from governments, corporations, universities, or any organization with some goodwill or extra money (HowStuffWorks). The amount of money can vary depending on what type of scholarship you apply for or awarded from your high school or the college your going to be attending.

These scholarships can range from anything depending on the student. Some students who have been awarded such scholarships described above are senior Hailey Cruz and senior Tyler Freitas.

Hailey Cruz is going to the University of Nebraska, where she got awarded the Ruth Leverton scholarship. The Ruth Leverton scholarship is for incoming freshmen enrolled for the first time at the University of Nebraska, but the student must demonstrate academic achievement (

Cruz said, “It is an academic scholarship that I received based on my ACT score. It is called the Ruth Leverton scholarship. I actually didn’t apply for it, I was automatically considered for the scholarship once my scores reached my university. I received notice that I had been awarded the scholarship in a letter that had been sent to my house.”

Tyler Freitas is going to the University of Washington, where he was awarded the Rotary Club Scholarship. He was also awarded the Academic award, the Dept. of Engineering, WA State Opportunity, and the Sound Credit Union award. The Rotary Club Scholarship is given by individual clubs and is open to anyone except Rotary members and their families. These are offered to college graduates and professionals to study peace and conflict resolution (Rotary International).

Freitas said, “I received the rotary club scholarship. I was not informed of how much I received. I applied to the Auburn community scholarship and after a few months past, I received a letter that said I was chosen to earn this scholarship. The Auburn community scholarship wanted to know my volunteer experience, hobbies, past graduation plan, and what is my career.”

These scholarships have been given to Cruz and Freitas because of their outstanding ability in academic areas, which has allowed them to be awarded these scholarships.