Auburn Riverside graduation 2019


Myriah Dittmar , Reporter

On June 15, 400 of Auburn Riverside’s finest will walk across a stage on Auburn Memorial Field to receive their diplomas from two members of the Auburn School District School Board, Ryan Van Quill and Robyn Mulenga. Before that happens, however, there are several key members of the ceremony to look out for.

Opening the ceremony as hundreds of families pour into the stadium is Auburn Riverside’s band, playing a variety of their favorite songs before jumping into Pomp and Circumstance as the Class of 2019 steps onto the field for their last time as high school seniors. After the seniors are in position, ASB Executive President Kathryn Carstens will lead the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the Senior Class President, Myriah Dittmar, who will introduce Riverside’s Vocal Jazz band, who will be performing the National Anthem. McKenna Webb, a prominent member in Riverside’s theatrical and musical culture, will be giving a speech about her four years in high school before a tradition that many parents and students look forward to witnessing every year. The vocal jazz band will step up to the floor once again, accompanied by the senior members of the American Sign Language program at Riverside, to perform a song called Butterfly.

After the performance, another familiar face will be on stage again. Kathryn Carstens is the second student commencement speaker at this year’s graduation ceremony, and is expected to reflect on her four years at Riverside, and her experiences of being deeply ingrained in ASB culture. Following Carstens will be the beloved principal of Riverside, David Halford, who will not only be giving a Principal’s Message, but is also set to present the class to the superintendent of the Auburn School District, Alan Spicciati, who will then accept the class.

After being accepted, the Class of 2019 will walk across the stage one by one to receive their diplomas. Once seated, they will be asked to stand and follow as senior class president and vice president, Myriah Dittmar and Connor Foster (respectively) lead their class in the Tassel Ceremony, where students turn their tassels from one side of their caps to the other to signify that they have indeed graduated from high school. As is tradition, after the turning of the tassels, the sky will be a flurry of blue fabric as seniors toss their caps into the air, before being led out of the stadium to the next stage of their lives.