Inspiration for senior pranks


© Robert Abney / Twitter

One of the most well-known and popular senior pranks is placing plastic cups in hallways or on any surface. PHOTO COURTESY OF CREATIVE COMMONS

Alexus Jacobs, Staff Reporter

With seniors finishing up their last weeks of high school, the urge for a little fun arises. The few hours left leave opportunity for creative, silly pranks to be pulled on school body, hopefully, extraordinary enough to be remembered for years to come.

Last year, senior Ravens took ‘for sale’ signs and posted them up around the outside of the campus including on the school’s main sign. If that wasn’t enough, cars were parked over the lines of the students’ parking lot, or completely the wrong way. There weren’t any known consequences for either prank other than being told to repark in the student lot.

A prank that seems really clever, but not done here at Riverside, is when the senior class circled around two kids playing chess, making it seem like there was a fight going on.

The rule of thumb when it comes to planning senior pranks is that as long as school property is not damaged and no one is hurt or threatened, then it generally is accepted.

There’s not really an idea as to what prank the class of 2019 will do, but it’s for certain that they have lots of inspiration.