Seniors’ memories from high school

Grace Humphries, Staff Reporter

Throughout four years of high school, a student can make so many memories that will stay with them for their entire life. A few of the graduating seniors this year described some of the things they’ll remember about Riverside, even after they leave these halls.

Kyleigh Westberg has gone to Riverside for all four years of high school. When asked what she’ll remember about Riverside specifically, she said she’d remember the friends she’s made here.

Senior year was her favorite year here.

“I got closer to people that I was close with freshman year, and it’s pretty chill,” explained Westberg.

One thing she said that she would always remember about high school in general was probably how much she hated math.

Something that’s important to every student’s high school experience is having at least one staff member that they feel like they can rely on. Someone they can talk to, someone who can provide them with help and guidance. Westberg was asked who that staff member was for her.

“Ms. Rigley, she was always there whenever tough times came around, and she’s very helpful when it came to work and stuff,” she said.

Another senior who described their memories of high school was Luke Stone. Stone came here from Mountainview High School in his sophomore year. He talked about what he’d always remember about Riverside, saying,

“How accepting everyone was. Mountainview was really different, I was used to more of a separated, kind of weird school, and then I came here and everyone was… Not “friends”, but everyone knew each other and was nice to each other. There wasn’t a lot of cliques.”

His favorite year at ARHS was also senior year.

“It was probably my best year of high school soccer I’ve played. And it’s so nice being so close to graduation, so close to another big step in my life,” said Stone.

He said that one thing that will stick with him about high school in general was business math.

“It helped me so much,” he laughed.

The staff member that he’ll always remember was his business math teacher, Mr. Husar.

“He was really one-on-one and caring. If you looked like you weren’t in tune with the class and you were sitting out and not really talking, he would pull you outside and let you vent, or if you had to do something outside of class he would be more than happy to help you out.”

Whether it’s big events like prom or graduation, or just the little things like a class they always laughed in, high school can be a very memorable time in a person’s life. Even though these seniors are moving on to the next stage of their lives, these memories of Riverside and they people they have met will always be part of them.