Change with the times

Ellie Walter, Business Manager

Over the course of schooling students will spend approximately 720 days in high school. Over that time, they will experience changes in the school and within themselves.

  Senior Peyton Scheschy had some thoughts about high school coming to an end. “I feel like over the years the school has felt smaller I don’t know how to describe it,” says Scheschy, “I felt more comfortable when you come in as a freshman it’s a lot to take in.”

  From the kids that come and go to changes in school policy even changes in the way school  looks, seniors have seen a lot in the four years they have been here.

  “There has been a lot of changed the scanning thing it’s kind of complicated and I prefer it when I was a freshman and teachers took attendance,” says Senior Lindsey Olguin.

  “The whole scanning in thing i’m still not used to it, I miss classes, but its way different for the past three years that hasn’t been a thing,” says Scheschy. “It’s just a little weird.”

  “The cameras were definitely new we didn’t have them my freshman or sophomore year, I thought that they didn’t work and they were meant to scare us and now I know they do work,”  says Olguin.

     Seniors have experienced three class of incoming freshman some good and some bad. Through annoying classes to ones who don’t make a scene seniors have seen it all.

   “My freshman class was definitely very lame, we still are, we have no spirit at all, I think everyone can agree that out class is not it,” says Olguin. “But compared to this year’s freshman class I feel like they are just to annoying, like compared to all the other classes now I feel like they are just too much. I haven’t seen a class that annoying in my whole high school career.”

  Senors have also experienced changes in their friends from people leaving and moving away too just fading away from others, they have been through it all.

  “I don’t really talk to a lot of underclassmen. I guess all underclassmen talk to upperclassmen but upperclassmen don’t really talk back down. I guess I feel like there aren’t many people to talk to,” says Scheschy.