Class of 2019 advice for all


The seniors, after four years of high school experience, probably have a lot to say, and a lot of advice to give. Take their word for it and you might just reach success.

Celeste Pearisaeff and Erica Jenkins , Staff Reporter

The question we asked the seniors: What is some advice you have for incoming freshman, or the overall classes? 

MistyRose Allen: “Even if you are going through a hard time, keep trying and stay on task, eventually the hard time will pass, you just have to keep going.”

Katelyn Andersen: “My pieces of advice would be to challenge yourself and to get involved and stay involved in clubs, sports, and activities. Challenge yourself academically and socially. Take classes that you know you might not be good at and try your hardest to make new friends because these friends are the ones that will stick by you. I would also advise getting involved your freshman year. Personally, I played volleyball all four years and tryouts are in August so my freshman year I came in with 35 friends of all grade levels which was really valuable. Overall, just remember that high school will be the craziest years of your life so far, and while you may be just looking towards the goal of graduation, take the time to make memories in the moment you are in. Spend time with the people you love and the people that make you happy. Those are my tips for success in the next, and greatest years of your life.”

Brooke Dye: “I could say… be prepared and work hard in your classes. Don’t overload yourself all in like the first year.”

Bouraoui Elfeghih: Don’t take digital photography, you’ll thank me later. Unless you’re up for a challenge. If you are committed to facing the harsh grading while enjoy taking “Dope” pictures then you might want to reconsider following this message.”

Irvin Fernandez: “Take weight training it will really challenge you.”

Adrian Gamboa: Don’t slack off and like actually do your work. Don’t leave everything to like the last month of school.”

Haile Gonzalez: “Do your homework.”

Eric Izazaga: “Don’t procrastinate as hard.”

Aaron Lusher: Don’t fall behind. That’s what I did and I had to pick myself up and it was really, really hard. So for freshman, don’t fall behind and start off strong. People take it for granted when they’re a freshman. Its gonna go on your record for college. If you work hard now, it’s just only four years and it could set up your future way easier if you work hard the four years. Also, just be yourself. Try to find the things that make you happy and not the other people or what makes other people happy.”

Joel Martinez: Actually try in school. If you fail, it’s like really hard to make up for that class. Don’t skip. Don’t do drugs, especially the hard ones like cocaine.”

Riley McCarthy: “Focus on yourself and the person you want to be. Try not to conform to what other people want you to do and don’t let pure pressure guide you into the big decisions that you make. Stay true to what you want, your goals. High school is gonna be fine.

Alexis Praudins: Don’t mess up your junior year. Focus all of your years, especially junior year, that’s the hardest because your grades are gonna slip and then you’re gonna lose your GPA you wanted and then you’re gonna be 0.1 away from a 3.5 gpa. The other thing is, everyone’s fake, so just be yourself so that you don’t have to be fake like everyone else, you can be yourself and still have friends.”

Leslie Rodriguez: Study more. Try to put in the effort.”

Abdikadir Sheikh: Get involved with groups, sports, activities you can do.”

Jeffery Treichel: “Don’t take things for granted. Sure, homework, you could do it when its there or you could put it off, but it’s just eventually going to catch up to you in later years if you don’t keep doing it.”

Marie Visitacion: “I feel like they should know their priorities first, and stay out of trouble and show up to class. Don’t stay up too late, I guess. Don’t have late night, or last minute, studying, like that never really helps.”

Megan Warnstadt: “Don’t be idiots in the hallway. Every senior’s number one pet peeve is freshman walking super slow or in giant herds in the hallway. You will get cussed at, you will get shoved, anything that could happen will happen, if you are walking like a dummy in the hallway.”

Trinity Young: Stay true to yourself, that’s a big thing. Don’t date senior boys. Just be yourself. Take an opportunity to get yourself out there like in sports, don’t be afraid to take risks. That’s the biggest thing.”