Seniors ready to jump out into the adult world


Jessica Hubbard, Senior

Hanna Andersson, Staff Reporter

Graduation is just around the corner and InFlight has decided to highlight some of the amazing seniors from the class of 2019 here at Riverside.


Jessica Hubbard

A few of Jessica Hubbard’s biggest interests are books, music and history, and she plans on majoring in literature and history at Green River Community College this fall. “History and literature kind of goes hand in hand,” Hubbard explains.

Looking back at her first day here at Riverside, she tells me about what she remembers. “I remember the first day that I came here as a freshman and we had our raven crew and touring the entire school, which was kind of fun,” she says. “It was different and kind of scary.”

Hubbard says her senior year has been a little boring. “There hasn’t really been anything huge that has gone on which I guess is better than cramming the entire year,” she tells me laughing.

After graduation she intends to find a job to help pay for college, and she is “a little nervous, because you have to take a deep dive into adulthood.” She tells me that the time leading up to graduation has been “so surreal.” “It feels like I just got here yesterday.”

If Hubbard could give any advice to the younger students at Riverside, she says to socialize as much as possible. “I’d say don’t be afraid to take chances and do things. Certainly sitting home and just doing nothing is boring. Go to all the dances and just do things at the school and with your peers, because it goes faster than you realize.”


Zachery Thomas

Zachery Thomas is an easy going senior who keeps all his doors open as he does not have a set plan for after graduation. “Not entirely sure what my future is going to hold,” Thomas says. “I’m probably going to major in drawing,” he explains. “It is that or electronics.”

Thomas says that his time here at Riverside has been rewarding and he has a lot of fun memories with his friends. “The only memories I have is based on just hanging around friends playing Dungeons and Dragons or just, you know, sit around all day quoting memes,” he says smiling at the memory.

His senior year has been good, but he says that it of course varied from day to day. After graduation, Thomas wants to get a job and a driver’s license. “I’m foreseeing a future where I really just don’t know what’s going to happen. I can only just guess,” he says shrugging his shoulders.

Even though Thomas’s path is not set in stone, he has big dreams that combines his biggest interests: drawing and electronics. He tells me that he aspires to “probably [become] an artist for a gaming company.”