Seniors visit elementary schools


Connor MacDougall, Staff Reporter

Auburn Riverside has begun to take part in their elementary school hall walks. During this, seniors drive down to elementary schools after school ends, and walk down the halls, dressed up in caps and gowns, as the elementary school kids line the walls and watch them. This event began on June 5, at Ilalko Elementary, and will continue on June 10 and June 11, at Lakeland Hills Elementary and Alpac Elementary, respectively.

The schools plan to have the children line the halls and the seniors will walk through the halls in their caps and gowns,” says Activities Director/ASB Officer Meri Benedict. “They will arrive at each school at approximately 2:50 and begin the walk.”

The senior are being conducted in order to show the young children what it’s like to graduate, with the hope of empowering them with the hope of maybe doing the same when they grow up.

“The goal is to encourage and inspire the younger kids with this modeling,” insists Benedict.

This event also gives high schoolers the opportunity to look back at their elementary school days and reminisce about their time spent there. Hopefully, the graduates will feel happy that they’re inspiring a new group of children to push forward.