Senioritis majorly affecting the graduating class of 2019

Senioritis might not necessary be a medically diagnosed disease, but Riversides seniors can definitely tell the epidemic is going around.


Senioritis might not necessary be a medically diagnosed disease, but Riverside’s seniors can definitely tell the epidemic is going around.

ZaReah Barren, Editor-in-Chief

Seniors only have a full five-day school week left until graduation. Graduation is on Saturday, June 15. Some classes have already started slowing their pace, and getting their big projects out of the way. Now that four long years are finally coming to an end, senior’s patience for graduation is also dwindling.

Senioritis is a common theme in the final months, weeks, and days of graduating classes. This theme is seen very clearly in Auburn Riverside’s graduating class, as seniors are losing motivation to do work or show up to school at all.

“I’ve been experiencing senioritis for the last two months,” senior Andrea Renovato said. “Graduation is my motivation [to continue].”

According to HuffPost, college acceptances can be rescinded if there is a major drop in second semester grades. Seniors know that they have to still put in their best effort because grades matter, but the will to keep grades up has started to drop. Many seniors have started not attending school just because waking up early and getting out of bed is a lot of effort.

Even though senioritis is felt throughout high schools across the country, there are ways to combat or minimize its effects. HuffPost states that by applying small goals, relaxing, and improving study habits, senioritis can be shrink its dramatic effect.

“I think I’m burnt out, but at the same time the end is so close yet so far,” Renovato said. “The finish line is right there, but you have so much work to get through.”

Although seniors are experiencing a heavy dose of senioritis right now, they still have to apply themselves so they actually reach graduation.

“Don’t let your grades slip because it will affect a lot of things,” senior Makenna Price said.

Some seniors are experiencing the effect of allowing senioritis to control every aspect of their lives, including their grades. Second semester slacking can result in not graduating or not walking at graduation.

“Take your difficult classes first semester, so then your easy classes are second semester and you can relax,” Renovato said.

Even though the end is extremely close, some classes are still rolling full speed ahead. Seniors might be steadily losing their will to show up and continue to work and participate in school, but with the end goal of graduation in the palm of hands, they continue to push through the pain.