Three seniors, three futures


(From left to right) Jason Bradley, Nathan Campbell, and Haylee Fune are all seniors here at Riverside. They all have the same advice to their freshman self, which is to take care of your work and take your freshman year seriously.

Nick Rhodes-Huwe, Staff Reporter

Graduation is always a bittersweet time for seniors, but now it’s just around the corner. As graduating students prepare to walk in their cap and gown, some like to reflect on their time in high school while still keeping their eyes to the future. Some attend college, while others have different plans ahead of them.

Jason Bradley is a senior who isn’t planning on going to college but instead is planning on enlisting early in the Army, having already signed a four year contract. His major plans is to stay in the military, and though he’s worked at McDonald’s while in high school, he’s moving forward to bigger things.

“Junior year I was able to take a little bit of the workload off and join the track team and wrestling team,” said Bradley.

Nathan Campbell, on the other hand, is planning on attending Washington State University to major in architecture and minor in structure engineering. He plans on attending for four years to get his degree as an architect and is exploring the options of joining the ROTC program and possibly joining the Navy afterwards. He worked at Macy’s for a while during high school as well.

“[High school] is not like the movies,” said Campbell, “but in a way it’s almost better because it’s personalized.”

Haylee Fune is another senior who is going to be attending Highline College after high school so she can become a Japanese interpreter, though she isn’t sure what she’s going to be majoring in just yet. While in high school, she has worked at Walgreens, and one of her favorite memories was this year’s prom. She also wishes she had done more clubs such as Key Club or anything involved with community service.

“Love yourself,” said Fune, “because a lot of times when you expect that from other people it doesn’t work out for you.”

One major piece of advice that all three of the seniors seem to have is to take your grades seriously in freshman year and take care of things because your freshman year really matters. Do everything you’re supposed to and actually get your work taken care of, or you’ll fall behind and it’s a struggle to get caught back up again.

As the seniors say goodbye to their high school years, the rest of Riverside will never forget the impact the class of 2019 had on the school’s culture. Now that the school year is coming to an end, the last thing we can do is say goodbye and wish them luck in their future.