Senior Hunter Alaniz recollects his favorite high school memories


Hunter Alaniz had a lot of great memories from high school

Connor MacDougall, Staff Reporter

Senior Hunter Alaniz is moving forward to attend Green River College this fall to work on a transfer degree. Afterwords, he plans to use this to attend University of Washington to study astronomy.

Alaniz looks back at his high school years and most fondly remembers the memories he shared with others.

“I remember going out with friends to Albertsons during testing and finals,” Alaniz explains. “A lot of good memories there.”

Everyone knows high school can be rough to get through, especially with all the different pressures weighing down on you. But Alaniz is proud that he was able to push through it.

“I had a rough patch where I wasn’t doing so well in school,” Alaniz recollects, “and I’m proud that I was able to turn that around and work hard to get back on track to graduate.”

Social interactions are also very important in many highschoolers’ lives. Alaniz talks about missing these connections the most.

“I’m going to miss getting to see and talk to all of my friends everyday,” Alaniz says. “Mostly the people I don’t talk to and hang out with outside of that class of school.”

Regardless, Alaniz still looks forward to what the college experience will offer.

“I’m excited for the fewer classes and getting to study what I want,” Alaniz says. “I’m ready to be working more and controlling my schedule.”