Senior highlights for the class of 2019


This is Jack skateboarding, one of his favorite things to do.

Grace Humphries, Staff Reporter

As the end of the year approaches, seniors prepare to leave Auburn Riverside and pursue their adult lives. Each student has a story, and there’s so much to know about all of them. So here’s a bit about just a few of the seniors this year.


First, Marleni Alam-Marcillas, who plans on going to college at Green River. When asked what her favorite memory of high school was, she said,

“Seeing how progressively the school spirit grows throughout the years.”

She currently has a job working at Auntie Anne’s, and her free time, she likes hanging out with her friends. She also has an interest in photography. Alam-Marcillas described the biggest lessons she’s learned throughout high school, saying,

“Always have connections, and communicate with others if you want to get things done.”

While she’s excited for graduation, she’s also nervous for the new life that lies ahead of her.

“I’m moving on the the adult world now, I don’t know what to expect. And it’s going to be weird not having to school every day,” she explained.

She went to senior prom, and she had an amazing time.

“I got to meet new people, and I got to see people that I haven’t seen in a long time,” she smiled.

Her advice for the new freshman next year and all her underclassmen this year is,

“Keep on top of your work, and always stay ahead of the game, or all of the sudden you’re behind.”


Second, Jack Daugherty, will be attending the University of Washington. His favorite memory of high school was a team trip.

“Going to Seaside with the cross country team,” he described.

He currently works at Aeropostale, but outside of school and work, he loves skateboarding and running. The biggest lesson he learned throughout high school was that hard work pays off. He’s excited for graduation, but is still a little nervous.

“I can go to college and not have to deal with high school,” he said, explaining why he’s excited to graduate. His advice for all the ARHS students next year is just simply to work hard.


Lastly, Raelynn Heshmaty, who plans on going to Renton Technical College. When asked what her favorite high school memory was, she said,

“Being in orchestra, I really enjoyed the field trips and everything.”

She just got a job at the YMCA, and in her free time she likes going to church and babysitting. She said the biggest lesson she learned throughout her four years in high school was,

“You’re not going to get along with everybody, and that’s okay.”

She’s very excited to graduate, saying she’s ready to start her adult life. The advice she has for next year’s ARHS students is,

“Respect your teachers, it’ll go so much further.”


The Riverside seniors are leaving soon, but they seem excited and eager to see what lies ahead of them.