Senior spotlights: Christopher Penrod, Noah Horn-Nunes and Abigail Juth


Abigail Juth, Christopher Penrod and Noah Horn-Nunes are three seniors who have stayed all the years they could here at Riverside, and who are absolutely grand representatives of our school. Hopefully, they will feel fulfilled upon their graduation.

Celeste Pearisaeff, Staff Reporter

Christopher Penrod is a guy with a charming smile and one of the nicest personalities you could ever find. A student at Riverside since his freshman year, he now looks to a hopeful future in car engineering and repair, as well as some college experience at Green River College.

Penrod ran for cross-country all four of years, and he explained how it was one of his favorite memories from his years. His favorite class from his Riverside years is ASL, under the teacher, Cindy Anderson. Some advice Penrod wanted to pass onto those entering high school was to always, “Be kind to one another.” It’s an absolutely refreshing experience getting to talk to Penrod, as he lives by this quote himself, and is an exceptionally kind, warm person.

Noah Horn-Nunes birthday is February 27, and from the day he was born, he obviously held some potential for doing something great. One of his hobbies is playing video games, and upon graduating he indicated that he hopes to either take off a year and find a job, go straight to college (preferably at UW) or to join the military.

Though Horn-Nunes wasn’t a major participant in any school events or sports, he has been attending Riverside since his freshman year, experiencing fun and exciting things like learning all there is to know about drawing. A good quality of Norn-Nunes is that he knows what he likes and is interested in.

For instance, especially after taking the class, drawing; his favorite colors are black and red, and he didn’t hesitate to reply with his favorite actor’s name, Nathan Fillion from the TV series Firefly and Castle. A life lesson that Horn-Nunes learned while here at Riverside, in his words is to, “Always make every little thing count, cause eventually when you have so many little things it’ll turn into just one big thing.” Horn-Nunes certainly lives by these words and continues to strive for greatness.

Our last senior, Abigail Juth, is definitely a strong believer in the “be yourself” motto. As she said that her favorite actor is Jennifer Aniston, she definitely held an aura of strength and independence.

Juth attended Riverside all four years of high school, participating in school events like going to football games and other sporting events, as well as being a part of the gymnastics and golf teams at one point or another.

She also did her part in Raven Crew in a couple of her years. Juth is another participant in some of the arts, her favorite and current class being Jewelry, she also explained that drawing is one of her hobbies. Despite her current job at the YMCA in Sumner, she plans to pursue a career with elementary education and being a teacher—right after the years she puts into her planned college, Pierce Community College.

Some advice Juth would like to pass onto classes entering their senior year is to, “Probably to just have fun, make new friends and to always try new things. Experience going out of your comfort zone when you can.”