Class of 2019 takes on the world

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Class of 2019 takes on the world

Megan Bailey is pictured above.

Megan Bailey is pictured above.

Megan Bailey is pictured above.

Megan Bailey is pictured above.

Ellie Walter, Business Manager

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  As the school comes to an end it is time to recognize those who will be leaving ARHS and going on to bigger and better things. Senior Tuff Todd will be going to school at Central Washington to study music, “I was thinking of being a performer for rap and singing.”

   Todd as made many different connections, “I haven’t made to many [memories] but I was able to make good friendships with some of the students and teachers,” Todd said.

  Graduation is fast approaching and seniors have a lot to think about from what to do with their summer and maybe still where to go to college.

  “I am kinda nervous [for graduation], I am ready to leave,” Todd said.

  On looking back on their for years here the seniors had some advice for younger students. With their experience here at Riverside Todd wanted to share a few wise words for incoming freshman.

   “Don’t procrastinate, show up on time, don’t slack off and get your work done,” Todd said.

   Senior Megan Bailey is ready to get her dream career started to become a nurse, “ I am going to Highline to study nursing,” Bailey said.

   Getting involved in different clubs and groups from ASB, Key Club, Japan Club, Raven Crew and many more can help you become more connected and make memories at Riverside.

  “I think my favorite memory was doing Raven Crew my junior year because I made a lot of new friends, a lot of whom I am close with now and it was really fun to be a leader in the school,” Bailey said.

  Bailey is also nervous for graduation but is also excited, “I think when you are younger and you are a freshman you kind of feel like senior year and graduation will never happen and it is super far away so when it comes up it is like a surreal moment,” Bailey said.

  Bailey has also been able to hold a job for most of high school and learned about having to balance work and school.

  “It is kind of difficult, but you kind of just got to work around your schedule and make sure that your school comes first and not your work cause unless you are supporting your family you have to graduate,” Bailey said.

  Bailey does like to relax after school and do what she enjoys to let loose. “I like to occasionally tumble and work on my gymnastic skills I don’t do it anymore but I like to go to open gyms,” Bailey said.

  Her advice to younger classmen is enjoy high school and make connections because it should be fun.

  “To be really open minded and to not let fear take over cause a lot of the time people will not tryout for different sports or clubs because of their fear of social status, or they won’t be good enough,” Bailey said, “You kind of regret not doing somethings at the end when you could have been apart of a really good team for club, so I would say keep an open mind.”