Senior tribute 2019


Annjanettea Doyle, Staff reporter

        Seniors at ARHS are amazing people who have enjoyed their time here. They have made many memories here good and bad. But it has helped them grow and improve themselves, seniors that are being spotlighted are outstanding people and students who have worked hard throughout their high school career. 

        Katelyn Anderson is a senior at ARHS. She is expected to graduate this year and is very excited about it. She is planning to attend the University of Portland to pursue a career of a pediatrician nurse. She likes to read and play volleyball, her favorite memories during her senior year are playing volleyball at state for the last time.  She as a job as a tutor at Cima which allows her to help others around her. She said that her parents helped her get throughout her entire high school career. Some advice she had for herself was to challenge herself and be involved and to make friends but still to hold herself to an academic standard.

             Maxwell Parson is a senior at ARHS, is expected to graduate and he is very excited about it. He plans to attend Seattle University for 4 years. He said that he was interested in music and plays the euphonium in the symphonic band. In the future, he hopes to own his business and make a living off it. He said that his friends helped him get through his high school career as well. He doesn’t have any favorite memories here but has enjoyed his time at ARHS.

               MistyRose Allen is a senior at ARHS high school she is expected to graduate, she is very excited to graduate. She says her plans for after high school is the Air Force or she wants to go to Green River College to become an engineer to work on software and things in that technology area. Her favorite memory during her senior year is meeting a bunch of her friends. She likes to do drawings and writing stories in her spare time. Some advice she wanted to give was to stay on task during your time at high school. She said her friends and her family helped her get through her high school career and that she was thankful for that.