Catalina Lemus and Delaney Rogers headed to college


Delaney Rogers (left) posing with her fellow senior cheerleaders at a football game in October last year.

Maddy Taylor , Staff Reporter

Senior Catalina Lemus is one of the seniors randomly selected to be highlighted this week. Lemus is headed to the University of Washington this fall and will be starting on the engineering pathway for her classes.

“I am actually planning on majoring in computer engineering because I got accepted for the direct to engineering path,” Lemus said.

While Lemus is excited to be graduating and furthering her education towards her career, she will miss lots of events and memories from high school.

“There’s a lot of good memories, but football games and Friday night lights were absolutely my favorite part of high school. Everyone gets together and they dress up and it’s just like a family so I really enjoyed that.”

One thing that Lemus along with almost every senior experiences their last year is senioritis. The realization that you’ll be leaving school and really starting life is a scary thought for a lot of teenagers, and Lemus was definitely not immune to it.

“No one’s immune to senioritis and it definitely hit me harder than I thought. It kind of happened backwards for me like I got it towards the beginning and now it’s going away.”

No amount of senioritis got rid of Lemus’s excitement to start her life after high school. Taking charge of your life and starting a career you’re passionate about is an adventure Lemus is ready to embark upon.

“There’s so many possibilities and you take charge of your own life, but one of the scariest things is not only leaving your friends behind and the things you are comfortable with, but also knowing that with a lot of freedom comes a lot of responsibility and just knowing that you’re on your own.”


Delaney Rogers is another senior selected to be highlighted this week. Rogers is really looking forward to graduating and moving on with her life. Rogers is planning on going to Western Oregon University and is still undecided on her major.

“I kind of want to go into American sign language counselling and help with deaf families,” Rogers said.

While graduation does come with some bittersweet feelings, Rogers is really looking forward to graduation day and beginning life after high school. Finishing these four years and watching the people around you grow up is truly something you’ll never forget.

“Seeing my class and knowing that we’re graduating and that we did it and being able to see where everyone goes [is something she’s looking forward to].”

Rogers is another senior who fell victim to senioritis. That scary thought of leaving high school forever can really drain your motivation to go to school and participate for many people.

“My attendance was okay, but I did skip a lot of classes on days where I would just ask my mom ‘Can I stay home?’”

One piece of advice Rogers has for other upcoming seniors or incoming freshman, every assignment counts.