Seniors have bittersweet feelings toward graduation


Photo by ZaReah Barren

Senior Megan Warnstadt is a little nervous about moving on, but she is ready to take control of her life.

ZaReah Barren, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Megan Warnstadt was one of our featured seniors this week. She is excited and nervous to be moving on from her high school career. She is attending Western Oregon University next fall, to major in American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation. She knows interpreters are in high demand, and she is excited to pursue this path.

She is choosing this path after years in ASL with teacher Cindy Anderson, and owes her passion to her.

“[Ms. Anderson’s] so sweet and such a mom figure and has such a bright personality that it just made me fall in love with her and the class,” Warnstadt said.

She is nervous to move to another state, where she will be thrown into a new environment, but she is ready to have more control of her schedule and have freedom.


Jerial Sofara is a senior who is ready to move on from high school. Her favorite part of high school was getting to meet all types of people, good and bad.

“[Meeting all those people] shaped me into the person I am today,” Sofara said.

When she first came to Riverside, she hated it, because it wasn’t her first school choice.

“I didn’t like it [here], I didn’t know anybody, but Raven Crew helped me meet new people,” Sofara said.

Her favorite class was sociology because she feels it was a class where you can talk about real current events and it prepares for life outside of high school. She is going to miss the open environment of Riverside, which has a laid back and relaxing vibe.

Her favorite teacher is Damiah Saloy because she is very understanding and goes out of her way to help students.

She plans to work immediately after high school, and attend Green River College starting in the winter quarter.

Kaelyn Morgan is an involved senior who plans to attend Central Washington University in the fall to major in music education.

She believes that Riverside teachers all talk about time management as a the way to succeed in high school.

“Time management is a very big, incredibly important, and very valid skill in high school,” Morgan said.

She has realized that band teacher Meghan Wagner taught her how to discipline herself, which she identifies as a major high school and life skill.

She wants her fellow seniors to know that they should find something they are passionate about, but there is no rush on happiness.