Is high school PDA becoming a problem?


Many people have many different opinions on public displays of affection in school. Hand holding, though, seems the most common and generally accepted.

Nick Rhodes-Huwe, Staff Reporter

High school PDA has been a thing for a very, very long time, though some people seem to find it very annoying. While holding hands and quick before-class kisses are usually okay within reason, full-on making out and other things like that seem to be a little too far. While there are rules about PDA here at Riverside, nobody seems to enforce them or even care all that much enough to do something about it.

While public displays of affection can be alright to some extent, some people go way past public boundaries, sometimes even making others around them in the area uncomfortable. Whether it be during lunches by the stairs, in the hallways in between classes, or on the benches outside in the courtyard, it’s not at all uncommon that you’ll see a couple showing PDA at some point in the day, whether that be kissing or simply just holding hands.

“I do believe [PDA] has become a bit of a problem,” said freshman Jordan Wilcox. “I see people who are sitting on each other’s laps and making out, and that’s not okay in public.”

Many have very strong opinions on this situation in our school, while some others are much more tame and seem not to care as much as they aren’t as bothered. Though, when you’re single, it can sometimes especially get on your nerves when it reminds you of how single you are. But when people aren’t too bothered by it, their opinions seem to greatly differ from those who are. But, while some don’t enjoy seeing it, they show no interest in having PDA banned or more controlled.

“It’s like having to watch your grandma and grandpa make out, that’s what it’s like for teachers,” said Yearbook adviser and algebra teacher Randall Jones. “It just makes me uncomfortable, but not annoyed.”

Hugs, hand holding, and quick kisses before classes seem to usually be okay, but any farther than that, and it can tend to get on many people’s nerves. There is a time and place for most of that, and that place is usually not school. Relationships are good to have, love is very real, but it’s important to keep in mind that not everybody enjoys seeing almost every detail of it.

“I don’t really see a problem with it,” said freshman Kelton Drotz, “if it’s no harm to really anyone’s eyes.”

Not everyone is comfortable with seeing PDA, so it’s good to remember that not everything needs to be done right at that moment, especially at school where many people can see. Whether it’s making out or just simply holding hands, it’s important to keep in mind the boundaries that other students may have around you. If it seems like it’s too much, it’s probably a good idea to just save it for later.