“Game of Thrones” finale draws mixed reactions


Many felt the fate of some of the characters was unjust

Connor MacDougall, Staff Reporter

It was almost impossible to escape Game of Thrones when it originally aired. It enjoyed sky-high viewer ratings throughout its lifespan, and found itself manifested through hundreds of tie-in products. The series finale alone amassed 19.3 million viewers. But as shown by the public’s reaction to the series closer, as well as the final season as a whole, not everyone was pleased.

The series finale, titled “The Iron Throne”, currently holds a record-low user score on IMDB, with a 4.3. This isn’t unlike the rest of the season, as the user average for all six episodes stands at 6.63, which is much, much lower than the other seven seasons.

“All shows come to an end and often that requires tying up loose storylines quickly,” says ARHS teacher Andrew Monsen. “Fans are upset because what made the show so impressive was the development of stories and characters over time. This careful and wonderful writing wasn’t as present in the last season.”

Mr. Monsen isn’t alone in his opinion. Many critics and viewers felt the episode had a very muddy way of wrapping things up, and that the season as a whole felt incomplete.

“By the finale, thorny ideological conflicts had been either dropped or reduced to morally straightforward questions,” says TIME writer Judy Berman,  “like who’s brave and who’s a coward, who kills indiscriminately and who respect human life.”

Even though many looked down upon the show’s eighth and final season, some have been quick to point out that, despite the controversial ending, the show’s overall quality should not be dictated by one season alone.

“Fans need to remember the work as a whole, when they do, they will recall an amazing show with phenomenal characters and stories,” says Mr. Monsen, once again. “The highlights by far outweigh the questionable ending.”