Sophomore Emma Hon achieved early admission into UW to start as a college freshman next year

Emma Hon is very excited to be going to UW this fall on their Seattle campus.

Emma Hon is very excited to be going to UW this fall on their Seattle campus.

Maddy Taylor, Staff Reporter

Sophomore Emma Hon was recently accepted into University of Washington for early admission next year. This means that she will be dropping out of high school without her diploma.

“I won’t be finishing high school, I’m basically dropping out and starting at UW without a diploma.”

Hon had to fill out a regular college application in order to get early admission for UW. She had to write four essays along with giving them some personal information, and turn in a transcript of her grades. Hon is in higher level classes, taking pre-calculus her freshman year and AP calculus this year.

“To be honest, I don’t know what I did to stand out [to the college]. I do all my work but I’m hardly ever in class,” Hon said.

One perk of going into college early is she gets to take classes more geared toward what Hon is interested in learning. Instead of worrying about getting all her fine art credit to graduate high school, she can start taking classes that are focused on her degree.

“I want to have fun studying something that I am actually interested in and have more control over my own education.”

The freedom and control over her education is something Hon looks forward to for next year as a freshman in college. One of her main issues with this school was the lack of motivation to go because the classes weren’t something that would be progressing her knowledge or interesting her. With the ability to take classes she’s passionate about, Hon will be able to progress her learning while her mind is still young.