Bathrooms closed as school year nears end


Connor MacDougall, Staff Reporter

As you may have noticed, several of the school’s bathrooms have been closed off from student use. Some are only restricted to lunch hours, while some are remaining locked for the rest of the school year, those two being the ones by the ART.

“We’ve really struggled this year with vandalism in those two bathrooms,” says Dean of Academics Janalyn McKeehan. “Probably because they’re so removed from everywhere else… they don’t have doors that prop open. And there’s not as much foot traffic by teachers down on that end, there’s only three classrooms.”

Vandalism hasn’t been the sole issue plaguing these bathrooms. There’s also been problems with students skipping class, retreating to the bathrooms, as well as a clear problem with students vaping in the bathrooms. But the school staff are confident that this decision will reduced this trouble.

“I don’t feel like closing those bathrooms off as far as vandalism goes has made the vandalism move or get worse in other places,” McKeehan expresses. “It’s still a little bit too soon to tell with vaping because vaping is kind of an epidemic right now and we’re just trying to keep kids safe with a good learning environment.”

Students may have also taken notice to the sudden closure of the upstairs bathrooms too, during the school’s lunch hour. This decision, however, was made with a somewhat different intent. McKeehan brings up the point that students aren’t even supposed to be upstairs during lunch in the first place, so the closure of those bathrooms shouldn’t affect them in the slightest.

Whether or not this is to be continued is still up for debate among staff members, as it’s still in its early stages. But altogether, it seems that this is a step in the right direction to ending the bathroom problems.