School extends into late June


Due to the snow storms in early February, school is scheduled to release on the 25th of June.

Jack Morrell, Staff Reporter

Due to the unexpected snow flurries of February, the last day of school for underclassmen has been extended to the June 25. This surprising weather agenda has also affected students by rescheduling finals to the last full week of school.

This year’s revised finals schedule can be found on the school’s homepage under headlines. Finals wrap up on Thursday June 20, therefore leaving Friday and the following Monday-Tuesday free of testing.

Amongst the national average, the Auburn School District ends the school year significantly later than most. The average American School departs for summer vacation between the dates of June 5-11 and returns around the last week of August (Carazo).

According to, “Among an estimated 39,700 public middle, high, and combined schools in the United States, the average [end date of school] is [June 10].”

Several students in the ASD have expressed their frustration with the later release-time, but fail to see its benefits. With school not getting out until the second half of June, that leaves our break to extend into early September, rather than late August. also shows how the average return date for students in the U.S is August 25, over a week before an early school start for the ASD.

In the retrospect, despite school being extended because of intense weather events, the few added on days are free of finals and school will not resume until early September.