2019-2020 school year brings new bell schedule


The official new start times for the next school year.

Maddy Taylor, staff reporter

The Auburn School District is changing the start and end times for the 2019-2020 school year to accommodate for two new elementary schools. This change will allow for bus drivers to be on less of a time crunch in the mornings.

“[The main goal of the change] is with the new schools…and having to bus the kids around and open up the bus routes.” Principal Halford said.

High schools will all start at 8:10 a.m., with the exception of West Auburn, and will all end at 2:40. These changes are intended to align everyone’s schedule and allow for more buses to be available for after school activities and field trips.

“I believe that it will make it easier for transportation for athletics and for the transportation department.”

The two additional elementary schools were a big factor in deciding on these new start times. The main goal of this change is to accommodate for these new schools and increase bus routes to reach more students in the Dick Scobee area.

The bell change shouldn’t have too much of an effect on students except for maybe the kids in the Lake Tapps area. The added five minutes will make it easier for those students to get to school on time with added traffic in the morning, and it will open up the bus routes to be able to reach more students.